Some progress information.

As you most likely noticed by now I broken my promise did say it was going to be ready last week on Facebook, some times other things get in the way, its not always easy to estimate what I'm going to spend time on, it might where well be that I change my mind and so I did.
I have decided to spend a bit more time on toolbar, because I know many of you would expect to be able to remove icons dropped on toolbar, so I think this was important to do.
Individual logo for each menu or directory has not happened, I don't know if I should delay the release of this version because of that, it seams silly.
There are many things that can be made easier or improved but I'm not going to do all at once, yes the installation sucks, yes the is no way to edit the menus whit the exception of using notepad, and I think some of you have missed mouse scroll wheel support, at least I have because I'm using my application more and more as it improves.