Back to net stuff

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 4 July 2012

After my latest musings with JNI and JVM interfaces, I am finally back at implementing the network support. I have implemented it pretty like described in previous entry and also made the necessary classpath changes. Furthermore, the classpath implementation, java-net library, now fully depends on the various JVM_-functions exported by the main JAmiga engine, i.e. JVM_Socket, JVM_Bind and so on. This means that the BSDSocket library now can be removed from java-net library, since this is all handled by the JAmiga engine. Hopefully this will lead to a more manageable code base. To conclude, what is left to get the network support fully functioning and releasable is:

  • cleanup of code
  • make sure the java-net library only does what it is supposed to
  • test, test, test

But, first and foremost, what I found late last night: start to implement needed java-nio functionality in the JVM interface. There are some ByteBuffer things that need sorting. These things should already be implemented, somewhere in the code. Probably some connections were lost in my JNI/JVM interfacing.