A600: Fun AmigaSYS testing and some recent OS additions

Hey peepz,

After my latest video (thanks for the nice comments btw), I decided to try more stuff to my system.
First of all and just for FUN purposes I decided to convert AmigaSYS 4 AGA to ECS :P
I really think that AmigaSYS is a nice compilation which has it's follower although, I'm not of them.
Sorry folks, ClassicWB all teh way! So... WHO said that AmigaSYS can't run on ECS machines? :D

This is what my custom AmigaSYS 4 AGA for my ECS environment looks like (it is also upgraded to latest version and ofc OS3.9).

This is the custom BootPic that I created @ 640x512 resolution, which was remapped to the standard 8 colors MagicWB palette via ImageStudio and saved as IFF-ILBM format, that replaced the original AGA ones for A1200/4000.

...and this is the custom environment that works just fine under ECS. Wallpapers, titlebar, along with some changes on TinyMeter and MCP occured and as always system runs on a custom Kickstart 3.9 with all recent modules.

Despite I'm not gonna keep the AmigaSYS environment as I really LOVE ClassicWB 3.9, I thought about implementing some things that I liked like the Boot Picture+Sound plus the custom titlebar via MCP.
So... I installed Play16 and PicBoot, I created a custom 640x512 image like the one I did on AmigaSYS and made the required changes to the startup files :)
Also I installed MCP which I never actually used, using only some of it's patches and hacks so my systems is acting just fine and it's responsive and stable as before.
Here you can see the PicBoot image that I created...

...and this is what the Workbench screen looks like with the new titlebar info :)
A lot nicer than the standard look (Workbench, Chip RAM, Fast RAM). You can also notice a nice custom icon for ToolsManager made for HippoPlayer hehe.

As always, I wanted to make the new options fully customizable so I can Enable/Disable them whenever I wanted, so I used the awesome Bloodwych menus and settings based on BMX (ButtonMenu).
Here you can see the custom mouse menu that leads to Settings ---> Components and from there to MCP and PicBoot settings. Pressing one of the buttons, gives a new Enable/Disable option like the other settings from Bloodwych :)

You can't imagine how much I'm enjoying my A600 with all these beefed optiond. Fun times for sure.

EDIT: Some days ago I thought of shooting a video about a fellow Amigan (Retrofan from EAB) to show him how MAS-Player can stream Internet Radio via AmigaAMP. As you can see from the follow video bellow it does that nicely :)

Stay tuned for more stuff soon \o/