AmiWest 2013 Theme Announced

AmiWest  planners  have  debated  and discussed the theme for our show this
year.   It  should be something that we haven't done or emphasized much, if
that's  possible  in the 16th year of the show.  And it should be something
with wider appeal to encourage attendance.

So  our  theme this year is AMIGA COMMUNITY 2013 - the AmiVerse.  Now what,
you may be asking, is so novel about that?!?  Isn't that what we always do?

In  looking  at  past shows, our emphasis for the past decade has been upon
development.   Developers,  manufacturers  and programmers have been center
stage.   And  this  has  been appropriate in the past.  We couldn't do much
with making progress on a "new Amiga" without this development emphasis.

Now,  though,  we want to address the Amiga user in new ways.  How are you,
the Amiga user, employing your machine(s) daily?  What is it that you would
like  to  see  developed  as  an  Amiga user that seems to be "lost" in the
development  shuffle?   And  what  configuration  steps  can  you  take  to
interface better with a changing online world?

Throughout  the many years (28 so far) that I have been using Amiga, I have
tried  hard  to  maintain the view of the potential "new user" of an Amiga.
Although I do know (and am learning) a lot more about Amiga than a new user
would  know, I want to see what the new user is confronted with "out of the
box"  with  Amiga.   I  know  10 people who would purchase an Amiga when it
becomes a useable product.

And  that  is  why  we are emphasizing the Amiga community at AmiWest 2013.
Our commnunity members do some amazing things with the Amiga platform, both
classic  and  next generation.  We want you to tell us about how you use it
for  presentation  at  AmiWest 2013.  Please email these uses to us through

Along  with  your  uses, we will be exploring configuration options between
now  and the show.  Our goal is to be at least at useful and easy to use
"out  of  the  box"  as those "other" OS's and to (re)discover unique Amiga
capacities  as well.  So come to AmiWest this year to see your Amiga in new
ways, both physically and conceptually.

So  be  sure  to  watch  this  blog  for the latest in AmiWest 2013 news and
details.   Every  year  gets better - but it won't be better for YOU unless
you  attend.   Reserve  October  16-20, 2013 on your calendar and make your
plans  to  attend  AmiWest 2013, the Amiverse show on the West coast of the
USA  at  the  Holiday  Inn  Express, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA Tel:
916.923.1100.  You don't want to miss it!x