Summer time, holyday and software development.

So what has happened sines last time, I wrote some thing here.
Excalibur 1.4.0 was released, this should have great release whit context menus, and some cool stuff like being able to hide and unhide Excalibur by Clicking the border, it was bit of horror really, last secund changes screwed up the build process, resulting half rebuilt executable, also people started reporting problems whit install and uninstall scripts.
Rebuilding Excalibur was easy, but all the changes that resulted in meny Skins/theams being out date, and was needed a work over, the result was Excalibur 1.4.1, I was not able fix problems as fast as expected because it was lot of work.
So what do I need to fix, I need to fix build horror issue, what it is.

What I have done is that I have decided the program into modules (objects), that are compiled separately and then linked into the executable. This all nice, as I don't need to see warning from modules I don't need to recompile and recompile gets quicker, less text on the screen and so on, and it organized, but his modules include some header files, that I some times need to changes, due to some structs,

but the makefile lacks the dependency and so even if I modify the header file the modules does not recompile. I'm thinking of some kind of auto clean, where if header files are changed all the objects should be deleted, forcing a make clean, make all.

Well thats the idea.
So what else, updated RunADF, well I use it a lot, I don't really have the need to mount adf's, more often I just want start a old game. The old version needed you to install UAE manually, changes stuff in user-startup, and modify DefIcons, this this are not needed in AmigaOS4.1, it was only needed in AmigaOS4.0.

DefIocns has entry for ADF files, I think its because of RunInUAE provided whit AmigaOS4.1, so all I need to do is replace sys icon, UAE is provided whit AmigaOS4.1 and so I don't need to look for it else where, so no need for UAE: Assign.

Then I was outside Norway for a week, enjoyed a week in Prague, walked around the city, I'm bit restless, I can't really sit down for too long, I need to do something, we did see a lot, I did not really dig into history of Prague or anything like that.
A bought a Samsung Galaxy, on airport, it came in heady to check on Amiga news, and look for restaurantsand other useful travel information at hotel, it was also possible for me check up on work, but I tried to avoid that, unless it was needed.
Coming back after the holyday, there is some work that needs to be done on my apparent, first off this has been raining for most part this summer or I have been working, and in the weekend has been some what busy too, I have have not really have time for anything, but now, I need to get things done, only started on this, so it want be any major updates in any software until this taken care off.

One small thing I did also was release a new version in Whdload-to-UAE, that I did whit this was simular to what I did for RunADF, every thing is now provided, so made the install process easier, RunInUAE should be able to start whdload I belive but does not work here, I don't care way, all I care is that that it works, and it does after installing whdload-to-UAE, so I'm happy, hope you are.