HTML5 test vs the AmigaOS

  • By: bborsari
  • Posted on: 23 September 2013

A brief pause from the "This is my Amiga" series to show some quick results of against the browsers I have installed on my Amiga1XE.

First, OWB, my go to browser:

Next I fired up Ibrowse:
The Aweb PPC:

After AWeb was NetSurf:

 Then QTweb:

 And last was Timberwolf:

As you can see the older browsers could not handle the CSS or the HTML5 at all, which is totally understandable, they nearly 20 years old at this point!

NetSurf mastered the CSS but does not include any javascript support.  Makes it very secure and fast but not as compatible.

When we look at OWB, QTweb, and Timberwolf, we start to see results.  Of course Timberwolf is the best of the bunch being based on Firefox.  OWB edges our QTweb but a little bit to come in 2nd.

Overall we have a fair amount of work to see an exceptional Amiga Browser but the options we do have are starting to hold their own.

Thanks for reading!