Introducing Notify

I've just uploaded 'Notify' to OS4Depot. This simple little program is designed to act as a kind of 'middle man' between AllKeys and the AmigaOS notification system (Ringhio). Notify makes it easy to associate a key presses (and a few other events) with on screen notifications.

I made this a few weeks back as I wanted a way of having notifications show when pressing some of the 'multimedia' keys on my Perixx keyboard, such as the volume controls.

Notify has no GUI and is simply an ARexx port that waits in the background for commands. For example sending the command 'MUTE' to the port 'NOTIFY' shows a notification that sound is muted. These ARexx commands can be easily added to AllKeys, as shown in the example below.

In the future I hope to add optional sound effects, more notifications and possibly RSS support. You can download Notify here.