What am I doing?

You might ask, what I am doing, as neither this blog nor j-uae gets any updates. Well, first of all, I have a life (really ;)?) and was on vacation with my family. Then I have a job (unavoidable, someone needs to pay the stuff in this expensive city). Bla bla .. ;).

Other than that, I really like to play withe the SMP branch ;). No, it is not stable, but I like to see all the effects and I am slowly getting to understand, how the AROS lowlevel stuff works.

At least after some boot-tries, you have a chance to get a relative stable SMP-AROS:

You can see the single tasks distributed on the CPUs 0, 1 and 2. The CPU 1 and 2 idle tasks have a funny stack usage reported, this is the effect of disabled stack checking for those two tasks, as they are started as the first tasks on those CPUs (like the Boot Task on CPU0).

Showconfig also reports 3 CPUs.