Stepping into the fourth year

And here we are again: the development of the PowerPC JIT compiling for E-UAE
passed the third year, stepping into the fourth.

Original image by OpenClipart

But what a year! Yes, finally we are getting very close to the Real Thing(tm). Even a beta version is available from the project, although probably it is not particularly useful to anybody who is not the adventurous type. There are many bugs to chase and also there is room to improve.

I know everybody is eagerly waiting for the second beta. It was prepared more than two weeks ago, the sources are released to SourceForge, the post is ready to launch...

But then suddenly Mike Blackburn came back to me (big thanks for that) and mentioned a show-stopper bug on Mac. In the meanwhile I confirmed that the same bug does exist on MorphOS too, so probably it is just a coincidence that the emulation works on AmigaOS4.

Right now I am trying to figure out what is going on, but for that I needed access to a Mac. So, it took me a while to set up everything and getting ready to debug this. After spending a couple days on chasing my own tail already I am no closer to the solution yet, but I promise I put all my free time into this.

Please relax and enjoy the beautiful Summer at the Southern Hemisphere and try not to freeze to death in the Winter at the North.