Things I'm working on for the mommet.

I have been busy reading about MS C#, and about classes, in order to make it interesting I wanted to make program, that will be useful to me and maybe others, a cross platform application.
I know C# is not really portable so but its more portable then VirtualBasic, at lest it has most of the C++ syntax, even if .Net Framework is different, there are a few different versions of .Net Framework you have XNA a Game API used on XBOX, and then Portable Class Library.
The Portable Class Library is more or less useless, because everything has to be recreated anyway.
Supporting just XNA does not make lot of senses, if AmigaOS can support some thing, there is no point in limiting it to XNA.
The full .Net Framework is too big of job to support, so what I have bestially been doing to create C++ classes for what I have used in my project.
And been trying to get same program to work on AmigaOS whit small modifications, just by implementing the classes need to for the program.
So to make this care this is not XNA, .NET or Portable Class Library this is some thing new.
Hopefully this will open some door for cross platform applications and portability between the two operating systems.
The only problem is that AmigaOS has yet to come out of the stone age.
Like File Notifications is way better on Windows, then on AmigaOS where its pretty primitive.

UTF8 encoding really sucked on AmigaOS, but works well on Windows, and I believe it has become the standard encoding for text files in windows7.

So I have spent a week trying to figure out how to do things, and ended up whit writing my own UTF8.Library it has now been uploaded to
I'm hopeful that UTF8.Library will make more programs UTF8 friendly. 
More information to come on what I'm working on.