Updated Odyssey Web Browser

Earlier this week an updated version of the Odyssey Web Browser was released for AmigaOS 4.1 that includes HTML5 video and audio support! This means you can finally playback YouTube videos in the the web browser amongst other things. First impressions of Odyssey 1.23 are very good and despite the slow HTML5 video playback on my AmigaONE 500 it is certainly closer to being usable than Timberwolf. Apparently the speed of playback will improve once overlay support arrives, so for now I will still use getVideo but it's a step in the right direction all the same.

Odyssey 1.23 playing a YouTube video
Another nice 'feature' I just discovered is that Odyssey is able to upload photos to Blogger, something that previously wasn't working for me. Many thanks to all the developers involved, you're hard work is much appreciated!