Working in a train..

Usually I don't like to do business trips by train. There seems not to be any rationale behind that, but I simply prefer airplanes or cars. But this time I decided to take a laptop, install VMWare-Player on it and take my virtual AROS development machine with me.

So I had 5 hours time for doing some stuff and 5 more on going back. Not too bad. Maybe I should use trains more often ;).

So what did I do?

  • Closing of windows is now done with the nice AROS function WindowActionTags(WAC_SENDIDCMPCLOSE). Much nicer than placing the mouse over the close gadget and click it with a program.
  • I can now build juae with a debug option, which shows both coherency windows and the main window simultaneously, so I can see, what really happens in the guest.
  • A lot of hacks, which magically moved the guest border gadgets are gone now, as gadgets have the same dimensions both in guest and host AROS.
  • Fixed an old bug, which made border gadget moves sometimes quite buggy, even if guest was AmigaOS 3. 
  • Cleaned up dual build system (AmigaOS and AROS guest daemons)

And maybe I fixed a bug, which caused a lot (and I mean a lot, some 20/second) of unnecessary ScreenToFront calls for non existent screens. If this also happened with AmigaOS 3 guests, performance for sure suffered. I'll have to do a lot of regression tests, so that all my fixes still work with AmigaOS 3 guests..

What's next? Nothing. Will be skiing for the rest of the week ;).