AmigaONE-X1000 HDReady...

AmigaONE-X1000 HDReady...

I have been thinking about writing some thing about the fastest Mplayer from me, and about latest's utf8.library, I guess I should say something.

Your AmigaONE-X1000 is now HDReady, you can now play 720p video whit out problem, thanks to a changes in vo_cgx_wpa driver, and the new vo_comp, the problem whit old vo_cgx_wpa driver is that it uses RGB, and not ARGB, the Radeon HD cards needs ARGB, so the result was that graphic needed to be converted before being sent over.

The second problem was that where using software scaling, this slow and CPU intensive, by using hardware acceleration to do the scaling we can scale windows to full screen and back.

And I wanted to compile a fully AltiVec enabled version of MPlayer.

The vo_cgx_wpa and vo_comp is also useful for Sam460 users, it does help to reduce CPU load.

How it all came about:

Well it started because I realized Ka1e needed help, whit MUIMplayer, he was begging Hans to emulate overlay, Hans did not want to spend time on obsolete tecnology. Nor did he have time for that, so this way I did take on this challenge.

History of MPlayer for AmigaOS4:
The Mplayer project started when me I think, at least for AmigaOS4, the MorphOS version already existed before me.

Click the link to see how it all started:

I did not manage to compile it because some fork() stuff, but Andrea Palmate'(‎'afxgroup'), did and so it became his project, varthall and abalabanb started a project a project on

Now I'm going to tell you some thing not every one knows, or at least where few.
After Andrea Palmate successfully ported MPlayer to AmigaOS4, I requested the source code from him, and worked on a plugin for IBrowse2.4, but due to complications and way I decided to do it failed, this project ended in yuv420 to ARGB routine and some stuff, the project is dead now.

So I'm well familiar with MPlayer well before I started on this projected.
While I was not one to implement MPlayer I was the one who initiated on AmigaOS4, so it bit funny to see whit project coming back to me, or at least partly.

Today this is no longer needed for a IBrowse plugin whit HTML5 the web browser does no longer need a plugin to play videos, thanks to the Excellent work of Fab and Ka1e.

What is future for me and MPlayer, I have not yet decided, I have some ideas, more likely its going to be fix up at least.

Now that Me and Ka1e has joined the AmigaOS effort, I like to see is FAB and Andrea Palmate joining the AmigaOS effort, so this becomes team work, so whit don't end up whit different mplayer whit different bugs that's already fixed in different mplayers and so. Even if all MPlayer can be based on common code base, it might possible to have unique versions of mplayer I believe.

And this what LiveForIt Mplayer builds are going to be most likely.

Its always good to experiment.

While things does not always work out some time you learn something that can be of use latter, this is a example of this at lest for me.

I can also take the Basilisk II as an Example also, Basilisk was first please I used Composition for scaling window content, part of that code made into Mplayer vo_comp.

I have also been using Composition in Excalibur, to do alpha blending.