WinUAE on AROS !!!

Did I mention, that I started porting WinUAE to AROS long time ago? I did not think, it was so long ago, but time seems to fly. After more than 2 years I wanted to give it a quick try again..

And see, what has happened:

This is a native AROS WinUAE 2.3.1 build, so quite dated of course, but much more up to date than e-uae ..but it should not bee too difficult, to merge newer versions.

Why it did not work 2 years ago? I have no idea. I always thought, that the gfx copy routines simply did not work and invested a lot of time, debugging them. The only thing, I did differently now: I tried kick 1.2 ..

Man, I should have tried that years ago..

I think, it uses SDL to display the graphics, but my mind is not the youngest anymore, who knows, what I did back then ;).

Nevertheless, I will go on vacation tomorrow, so no coding for the next three weeks, but I will have a silent smile on my face, lying at the beach ;).

PS: Of course it is not usable at the moment. It is not stable either. You most likely can't even press a mouse button. But it can boot the RSI MegaDemo from floppy with Kickstart 1.2.