Boring SVN management

Before you can start something new, you have to cleanup your mess. At least you should. Although my SVN tree is not really a mess, it still needed some cleanups. So what i did:

  • verified with a clean checkout and build, that all files for the released JanusUAE 1.4 are in the j-uae-1.x branch
  • created a new j-uae-1.4 tag for the j-uae-1.x branch for the JanusUAE v1.4 release
  • cleaned up the win-uae-2.3.1 tag, which was a quick import with too many subdirectories
  • imported WinUAE 2.8.10 sources into the win-uae vendor branch
  • created a new win-uae-2.8.10 tag for the win-uae branch for the latest stable WinUAE sources

I hate all that boring SVN management stuff and I really looking back at the time, when in my old professional coder days we had guys at work, who did all that release and config management for us. Although I did not really apprentice it at those days.

Nevertheless, this is, how the code looks like at the moment. Lot of history since the first e-uae release with a gtk-mui gui in 2008:

 Yeah, I know, nothing interesting in this post. But I warned you in the headline ;).