Kuokka77: Amiga (and C64) Music Optimized for Dolby Headphones

Amiga music for headphones (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Amiga music for headphones (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Good evening,

Must of us love music and we listen to various songs and tunes every day. It often happens that we have to listen through our headphones, for example at work or at home, so that we don’t disturb others. This is where Mr. Kuokka77’s YouTube channel comes in as a great alternative.

Kuokka77 has done a wonderful job of optimizing a vast amount of Amiga music (also C64 and PC) for use with headphones. When I first tried to listen to one of the tunes with my headset, I was hooked at once – the sound was so much better than normal! If I use the PC I very often visit his channel and select video of Hired Guns (legendary Amiga game). Please have a look at it below (and please use headphones!):

Wasn’t it great? Brings back memories? :)

If you take a look at his channel, you will find tunes from games like Flashback, Turrican, Beverly Hills Cop, Body Blows, Zool, Lotus, Super Cars and many, many more. He has also done demos as well, for example State of the Art from Spaceballs.

Kuokka77 states on his about-page that he takes requests, so if you have a suggestion he might be interested.

What do you think of this YouTube channel and of the music present there? I certainly love it. Perfect for those times I need to use my headset (which is very often).

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening!