Demos: Smash It (Super Nintendo) and Nu (Super Nintendo) (2014)

Hi again,

I know I write a lot about the Amiga, but sometimes I like to make a post about something different, for example the excellent SNES game console!

Most people think of the SNES as a games console, which is true in every sense, but did you know that there are people creating digital art for this device? Just like on the Commodore 64, Amiga or ZX Spectrum, extremely talented and skilled programmers create all sorts of effects on these old machines. They combine this eye-candy with other bits of graphics and music, which in the end becomes a demo.

A demo group called Elix released two VERY cool (in my opinion) productions in 2014. I have embedded them below for you to see. Prepare for something different from Mario and Donkey Kong on the SNES! ;)

Hope you will like these releases as much as I did. :) Isn’t it incredible what these people can get out of old computers and consoles?

First one up is called “Smash It” – Ranked 1 at TRSAC in Denmark 2014

Last one is called “Nu” – Ranked 1 at The Gathering in Norway 2014

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment on these demos. Would love to hear your thoughts! :)