AMIcast Podcast Episode 2

I was invited to participate as a guest on the recently launched English language version of the AMIcast Podcast, hosted and produced each month by Radzik.

I was very glad to participate in the podcast - a first for me - and talk about all things Amiga - both Classic and Next Gen. It was a lot of fun!

Radzik is making a great effort to make these podcasts in English and I look forward to listening to future podcasts!

You can subscribe to the AMIcast Podcast in iTunes on the Mac, Podcast app on iphone/ipad, or just listen online directly.

The podcast episode I am in is below (Episode 2), with download links including some of my music made around when I was part of the Amiga demo scene many years ago.

I apologise in advance for the music if it is not your taste!

The main website for AMIcast is here too:

I hope you enjoy this Podcast and listen to the future ones to come!