Amiga: A-EON Technology acquires Ringhio Messaging System

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A-EON Technology acquires Ringhio Messaging System
Cardiff, 21st May 2015

As part of our strategic alliance with ACube srl we are pleased to announce that we have purchased the exclusive rights to the Ringhio messaging system from its developer Max ‘m3x’ Tretene.

As part of the agreement Max has granted A-EON Technology a worldwide, exclusive, perpetual and irrevocable licenses to develop, publish and distribute Ringhio for the Classic and Next-Generation Amiga operating systems. Also included in the agreement is the exclusive ownership to all source code and binaries and the right to use the Ringhio name in all product marketing, promotion and branding of the Classic AmigaOS and Next-generation AmigaOS versions.

Ringhio is the advanced system wide messaging and notification system developed by Max for AmigaOS 4.1. Ringhio, which has has been in development since 2009, is Italian word for “growl” and in many ways it is similar to the OS X application of the same name. With the Ringhio server running, registered applications can inform the user via notifications displayed in a small pop-up box on the Workbench that a particular event has occurred.

These are sometimes called Ringhio messages because the server provides means through which the messages are communicated visually (in other words, Ringhio handles the actual display of messages sent by the Application Library).

The Ringhio message window is very similar to an info requester, only it does not require user interaction. The message is displayed for a short while then disappears. The short-lived pop-up notification window is displayed on the Workbench informing the user, for example, that an e-mail was received, a new tune was loaded for playback in TuneNet, or a program is being installed by AMIstore.

A-EON Technology has commissioned Max to create a new AmigaOS 4.1 version to add new capabilities and features. Plans for a Classic AmigaOS version are also in the works. On finalising the agreement with A-EON Technology, Max said, “I am very excited to work with A-EON for the benefit of AmigaOS software enhancements and securing Ringhio’s future development”. Matthew Leaman added, “It is a pleasure to work with Max, who is a long established, experienced and respected Amiga developer. We are looking forward to the progressive new features that Ringhio will offer for all of A-EON’s software catalogue”.

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