More amazing Amiga projects

    HDMI output for all Amigas

The creativity of some of the Amiga users astounds me. Let’s take a look at this one. Remember the old A520 composite adapter that you would fit to the RGB 23 pin port and get a composite video output? Here’s a picture:

Well, someone has made a replacement board for the inside that outputs to 720p HDMI. Here’s a video of it in action:

Happily, it appears that this will be a production product. Go to their website –> here <–

Also on that page, you'll see a product called the Decelerator 4030. It's an attempt to make a low-end cpu card for 4000 (and probably 3000) Amigas. Once they learn how to do that, more high-end ones may appear.

Kipper2K and Ian Steadman are both veteran amiga hardware project gurus and have been working together on an expansion card for cd32 owners to add new ports and features. I believe I mentioned this a while ago.

It seems that the keyboard adapter portion is nearly working as of August 1st, 2015, so good news for CD32 owners. One day, hopefully, it will be completed. The CD32 (along with the CDTV) have the least number of expansions compared to other models.

    Wireless joystick adapter for all Amigas

I thought I’d already posted about this but it’s cool, so I’ll post it here. A small, Arduino-based project to use newer wireless joysticks with the Amiga. Video of it in action here:

    Amiga 3000 Zip to SIMM adapter

Years ago, I had an Amifast board for my Amiga 3000 that allowed 16MB SIMMS on the motherboard in place of the ZIP chips.

Someone has gone and made something similar and is selling it on Amibay –> here <–

Amiga users and enthusiasts are amazing!