Tales of Gorluth II - Pre-Order and Trailer

Yes, it's been yet another long break between blog posts. Unfortunately life gets in the way, meaning that recently I've had very little time to devote to playing games on my trusty Amigas. I've been keeping up-to-date on all things Amiga 30 related, but I'm now in the process of catching-up on what I've missed in the Amiga games world.

First-up, and announced towards the back-end of July, was the news that Tales of Gorluth II is not only under development, but is also available for pre-order.

The original, voted as the best Amiga game of 2014 by many, was an ambitious Zelda, Link to the Past Clone, put together using the popular Backbone development system. While the sequel is also being put together using Backbone (meaning you'll really need an 030 Amiga or higher to play at a decent speed), developer Viddi reports that his new engine is faster.

Check out the trailer below, and listen to the fantastic music that accompanies it.

Along with the development announcement a limited to 200 copies Gold edition pre-order scheme was launched. Demand for this has been so great that all pre-order slots for this tier have now gone. Thankfully, a Silver edition is now available.

For more information visit the Tales of Gorluth web site at http://www.talesofgorluth.de/, where you can also pre-order the Silver edition.