Amiga: AMOS source code for Oubliette

(screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Hi everyone,

Remember the game I presented a short while ago? Oubliette by James Wilkinson? He has now released the source code for the game.:) If you’re interested in having a look, you can get it from Aminet:

James Wilkinson writes:

Here is my fully commented source code for version v1.02 of Oubliette. It
should be readable as an ASCII file on Amiga OS.

Source code was pulled from AMOS by saving a text block as ASCII and then
comments were added in BareED. It should merge back into an AMOS program file
but this has not been checked.

You are free to use any of this source in your own programs and I have
included locations I can be contacted at if you want to ask any questions
about it.

That’s a great thing to do, so thumbs up to Mr. Wilkinson!:) Hope people can find the source helpful.

Have a good weekend all and thanks for visiting my blog.