Bug fixed (hopefully) - part 2

The problem with bugfixes, that try to fix randomly appearing bugs, is, that you can never be sure to have it really fixed. So one day after the last post the bug appeared again, just under a little bit different circumstances.

So back to bug-hunting again, but I was sure now, that the problem is in the Zune Listclass, not in my code. So after some time I discovered, that the Listclass stores the sizes of the columns of each line in an array, which gets allocated at object creation time.

WinUAE does not create Listviews with a certain amount of columns, but increases the amount of columns after object creation. So in my Zune-equivalent columns got added after OM_NEW, too. Which caused the dimensions-array to grow outside of its bounds.

So my last commit to the AROS-SVN now should fix this issue and the bug should be gone now  (until my next post here shows otherwise).

The really sad thing is that I added a note in the List-Class some time ago, that this array might cause problems, if the amount of columns gets increased. After quite some bug-hunting I landed exactly at this comment.. So remember: Always fix the code at once. Or at least, remember you own remarks.

Scary as it is, looking back one year, I posted a screenshot already, which would be suitable for this post , too. Fast progress this is not :-(.