Demo: Deus Ex Machine by Limited Edition (Amiga) (The Gathering 1997)

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Hi everyone,

Today we’re going to have a quick peek at a classic Amiga demo from the Norwegian party The Gathering. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Deus Ex Machina by Limited Edition

We are back in Easter 1997 at The Gathering, a major computer party in Norway. The demo competition for the Amiga was literally crammed with quality demos that year and I remember so well the great atmosphere when watching the productions on the big screen.

When I think about it further, this is probably the best competition I’ve ever seen at a computer party ever. With groups like The Black Lotus, Artwork, Ephidrena, Limited Edition, Ward and more participating, this is probably not surprising. 😉

This demo by Limited Edition ended up in 3rd place, which is not bad considering what kind of groups they were up against. The Black Lotus won the competition with the legendary Captured Dreams demo.

Here’s the credits:

Jazz (Music)
Mrk (Graphics)
PG (Code, design)
Radix (Music)
Skutt (Design, graphics)

Deus Ex Machine is, as you can guess from the title, orientated towards robotics, space and electronics. It is a bit dark and mystic in its design, giving us that sense of steel, screws and circuit boards. Sci-fi is probably a fitting term here.

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

It contains many nice effects. My favorite is the Walker-scene (robot walking around) and the tunnel afterwards, but also the laser cube effect. These effects are not only fun to watch, but very fast on a medium A1200 (68030 powered).  Superb coding by PG!

Deux Ex also sports very good graphics (textures, stills etc.), as well as an atmospheric track in the background. Everything works well together and provides a pleasant experience.

Here’s a video of the demo from YouTube. In my opinion it looks better on an Amiga hooked up to a CRT. 😉

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You can download the demo from here:

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you enjoyed the demo. Have a good weekend! 🙂