64KB Intro: Strukton by Focus Design (Amiga AGA) (TRSAC 2018)

The Amiga Demoscene is very much alive and every month there are new productions being released. October is not an exception, with releases such as Preschool #1 from Abyss, this intro (Strukton by Focus Design), and the Alex Menchi Music Disk by Fanatic2k.

The Strukton 64KB intro was made for AGA Amiga’s with a 68040 CPU or better. It was coded by Corial and Optima. Graphics were made by Optic and the music was tracked by Mygg/Insane. It won the Oldschool Demo Compo at TRSAC 2018 in Denmark, although it was the only production participating.

Even though it is only 64KB in size, they’ve managed to cram in an atmospheric soundtrack, as well as many different kinds of cool effects. Well worth watching!

You can download the intro from here or watch it on YouTube below.