Is Jen Schönfeld (of about to exit the Amiga market over legal issues?

It appears that Individual Computers (makers of many very useful classic Amiga hardware products), may be considering leaving the Amiga market if the legal battles with Cloanto and Hyperion don’t end soon (or end in a Cloanto victory).

Here’s supposedly a message from Jens about it:

This email was from February of 2019, and he clarified when the email got out that he’s giving the situation until this coming February (2020) to decide what he will do:

To clarify my plan:

The leaked eMail is from mid-february. I will watch this until
mid-february 2020. If Cloanto has won any of the lawsuits that are
currently going on, there will be no more Amiga stuff from me. If the
lawsuits are still going on by then, there will be no more Amiga stuff
from me.

So, I’d better get to purchasing those keyrah’s I need before they become scarce, since nothing every moves fast in Amiga-world. Very sad to see this community once again damaged by legal disputes. Where could we be now if legal battles had not torn this community apart?