AmigaOS 3.2 underway

In case you've missed it (like I did): On Dec. 16th a lot of technical details about the upcoming AmigaOS 3.2 have been published.

After many websites have reported about the announcements made by the developers, and a preview screenshot has been released, now we get a lot of detail information about bug fixes and new features of release 3.2.;topic=74270.0;attach=1...

The above screenshot was published in September (see "Sources" below), and shows many of the new features: font sensitive GadTools GUI, shell command history, shell tab completion, printer settings with arbitrary device(-name), system-window-wide "iconify"-gadget, to name just a few.

On Dec. 16th, user "4pLaY" made a series of forum posts on AmigaLife (see link below), publishing technical detail information obtained from AmigaOS developer Thomas Richter, about the various new features and the numerous bugfixes and improvements in AmigaOS 3.2. For example we learn that utility.library got a couple of new string handling functions, that the bootmenu ("Amiga Early Startup Control") got some new settings, GadTools DrawBevelBox() function can now draw another type of bevel-box design, and many, many more little or not-so-little changes. Very interesting read - for users, and maybe even more for developers, for the countless technical hints you get.

By the way, it is also rumoured that a new SDK (Software Development Kit) can be expected. (See "Sources" below for all the bits and rumours.)

Head over to AmigaLife website to get all the latest technical details: