Amiga: IBrowse 2.5.2 + AmiSSL 4.4 Released

IBrowse 2.5.2 is now available for download (OS4 users can also upgrade using AmiUpdate). This update is primarily to accompany, and to allow IBrowse users to benefit from, today’s release of AmiSSL 4.4. Normally, existing versions of IBrowse 2.5 will automatically use new releases of AmiSSL v4, without IBrowse needed to be modified, but on this occasion a rebuild was necessary.

This is a free update for registered users of IBrowse 2.5. IBrowse 2.4 and 1.x users can upgrade to IBrowse 2.5.2 via our store at discounted rates.

We hope to have addressed most of the issues reported since the release of IBrowse 2.5.1:

  • AmiSSL 4.4 now required for HTTPS connections, which brings the latest OpenSSL 1.1.1d with improved TLSv1.3 support, improved performance on 68k (particularly 68060) and no longer crashes on 68020/030 without FPU (see full list of AmiSSL 4.4 changes)
  • OS4: AmiUpdate will update installed catalog files
  • Attempts to clean the disk cache now correctly ignored when the disk cache is completely off, fixing possible enforcer hits
  • Fixed disk cache from only ever caching small files
  • 68k: Fixed enforcer hits in PNG decoder when CyberGraphX is not in use

Thanks again have to go to Anthony Hoffman, who personally repaired Oliver’s faulty A1200 motherboard, which ultimately allowed us to uncover the AmiSSL v4 68060 performance issues. It in turn brought the 68060 optimisations and allowed extensive performance testing of AmiSSL 4.4 to take place on real 68k hardware (something which is impossible using emulators).