AMIGA alive software: xiffview 0.5

Yet another update of IFF ILBM imageviewer xiffview for Linux computers. Now it can double- or triple-scale image, display individual bitplanes, give color information, and a couple of other features have been added.

xiffview is slowly turning into quite a usable tool. In addition to the aforementioned, it also got a brand new status bar for user messages, a rudimentary online help, and it displays pixel coordinates when the mouse moves over the image.

When the mouse pointer is positioned over a color palette cell, color information is displayed on the status bar in RGB8 and RGB4 format.

Using keys F1 to F8 you can disable display of individual bitplanes of the image, which might be helpful for sprite data generation, color analysis, and other things.

The C code generated by command "to-sprite" now contains a placeholder "xSPRITENAMEx" in the variable names used. You can use it to search-and-replace with your desired sprite name - for example, if you replace it with "ship", this will give you varnames like "sprite_ship_newvsprite", "sprite_ship_colors", etc.

xiffview v0.5 - image scaled to double size

As always, see AmiNet readme file for more information.

You can download xiffview from AmiNet: