Games galore #22: Exhumed, Dread (demo release), Henry's House, Krogharr, Polar Panic

Amiga game development is moving fast - so are we: this time we have two first person shooters, a port of an 8-bit platformer, a new fighting game by the author of "Invyya", and another new jump and run game.


Recently, a couple of PC games based on the "Build" 3d engine were ported to the Amiga - on of which is 1997 PC first person shooter game "Exhumed", also known as "Powerslave".

Well, what can u say - great stuff! Ancient Egypt is a nice subject for a game, and from an Amigan's point of view this is next-level first person shooter gaming finally making it's way to the Amiga (along with DREAD, Blood, and others) on a regular basis. It requires a fast CPU (68040/68060/FPGA/Emu), AGA, 16MB RAM, harddisc, Kickstart 3.0 or higher, and some data files from the PC version (see links below).

Watch a video of "Exhumed" on Amiga Fan's YouTube channel (2021-05-06):

You can download "Exhumed" ("Powerslave") for Amiga from AmiNet:

Additional sources: (PC demo / game data)

Dread demo released

Yeah, you heard the news, it's on facebook, it's on YouTube, it's pretty much everywhere: DREAD demo is out!

Now you can more or less play Doom on your 7Mhz OCS 512KB Amiga 500. It's amazing, and not much more has to be said about this great project by KK/Altair.

Here's a video of DREAD running on several different Amiga configurations from 68010 to 68040 (2021-09-27):

You can download the demo (ADF and executable, zipped) from KK's website:


Henry's House a conversion of an 8-bit (C64, Atari) platform game from 1984 that got very positive reviews.

You control Little Henry, climbing ladders, jumping around, collecting things, and avoiding obstacles. The game has some visual similarities with maybe Donkey Kong, or titles like that, and adds a couple of nice effects on top.

Thanks to coder Marecheck / MC Studio it's now available for the Amiga.

Here's a video of "Henry's House" from conversion author Marecheck's YouTube channel (2021-05-06):

Go to MC studio's website for more information, and download of "Henry's House":
(you can click the UK flag for English language)

Additional sources:

"Krogharr" announced

In May 2021 the author of Inviyya announced a new project for OCS Amigas that goes by the name of "Krogharr". It's a fighting game in development, that seems to sit somewhere near Golden Axe and Barbarian II. Only static graphics have been shown so far - but these look pretty amazing, with detailed, manga-esque game characters, somehow watercolor-style background graphics, and a lo-fi, atmospheric color palette. Judging from the reviews Inviyya got, this will be another great game by Tigerskunk.

To keep up with the latest news about "Krogharr" visit the game's facebook page:

Also keep an eye on the author's pages:

Additional sources:

Polar Panic

Remarkably detailed sprite graphics, and a seriously groovy soundtrack are two of the features of upcoming, work-in-progress jump'n'run game "Polar Panic".

Not too much is known about this project so far - the game uses the Scorpion engine, an early video has been released around mid-May 2021, and it looks quite promising!

Watch "Polar Panic Amiga Edition v1.1" on Gaz Marshall's YouTube channel (2021-05-13):


Additional sources:

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