Games galore #23: Supercars II AGA, Chases of Death, Swapped Arts, JetHuntERS, Primal Blade

There's no short cut, we gotta get them all: an updated racing classic, and lots of work in progress.

Supercars II AGA

Top-view racing classic "Supercars" gets a new release in AGA shape that goes by the name of "Supercars II AGA". This actually isn't a new game, but more like an updated version of "Supercars II". You still drive around a course on a scrolling map, still try to outmaneuver, or simply blast away, your opponents - and it's still great fun, or maybe now even more, with 256-color graphics and some other little enhancements.

Here's a video of "Supercars II AGA" from laurent blot's YouTube channel (2021-07-14):

You can download "Supercars II AGA" (v0.85) from author JOTD's Amiga web page:

Additional sources:

Coagulus' "Chases of Death", "Swapped Arts", "JetHuntERS"

Early this year, developer Coagulus published previews of three games he's working on:

Chases of Death

A remake of a simple, but highly addictive 3d-racing-and-shooting game, that was released for the ZX Spectrum in 1983 as "Deathchase" and got very positive reviews. You drive your motorbike through some sort of stylized forest, avoiding crashing into a tree, and hunting for some other motorbike. 

Left: ZX Spectrum "Deathchase" (1983), Right: Amiga "Chases of Death" (wip)

Swapped Arts

...for AGA Amigas looks like some sort of puzzle game involving some of the painting masterpieces of the old masters - but this is really just an early preview, currently one can only guess what the actual gameplay and appearance of "Swapped Arts" might be when it's finished.


This is a sequel to Coagulus' own "JetHunt", which was very much inspired by side-view cave-exploration classic "H.E.R.O." released in 1984. But gone are the days of quiet and calm cave rescue missions - it's the JetHunt "Elite Reconnaissance Squad". The game preview looks like a straightforward horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up with nicely drawn imagery, and some demo-ish visual effects.

 JetHuntERS (wip) title screen

Keep in mind that all three games are work-in-progress, lots of changes are to be expected, and so far no release dates have been given.

Visit Coagulus' YouTube channel for the game previews, and updates on his developments:

Additional sources:


Primal Blade

In June 2021, developer and 3d-artist Dante Mendes shared a video clip of his upcoming game "Primal Blade" on twitter.

It shows a really beautiful looking side-scrolling fantasy jump-and-run, hack-and-slash game with parallax scrolling, Copper effects, sound effects, and some decent music playing along. If you liked "Gods" and "Shadow of the Beast" you'll certainly like this one, too.

A druid going up in flames in "Primal Blade" preview video

Keep an eye on Dante's twitter page for future "Primal Blade" updates:

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