Games galore #25: Shadows of Sergoth (pre-order), 1987 Rescue in Berlin, Jackal, Jake and Peppy, Crazy Columns full version released

Are you not entertained? Don't worry, we have more new Amiga games!

"The Shadows of Sergoth" available for pre-order

We've reported about beautiful dungeon-crawler game "The Shadows of Sergoth" before, when the first demo was released - let's just sum it up quickly: it's a quite polished enhanced version of an 2018 Amstrad CPC game of the same name, it looks and sounds great, is almost 3d, and if you like this kind of stuff you need to have it.

Since Oct. 6th you can pre-order the full game as digital download, and physical, boxed edition. The box contains three floppy discs, a printed instruction manual, a real compass (!), a die with 20 faces, stickers - and you get the digital download on top of that. That's a really nice package.

The full game requires 2MB ChipRAM (as opposed to 1.5MB ChipRAM for the demo), a faster Amiga is recommended (A1200 / 68020), and the release date has been set for Nov. 13th 2021.

Go to DOUBLESIDED GAMES' online store to place your pre-order, or download the demo:

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Jackal Amiga port (demo, work-in-progress)

1986 Konami arcade game "Jackal" (aka "Top Gunner") gets a remake for OCS/ECS Amigas. "Jackal" is great, it's a bit like "Commando" meets "SWIV", and being an oldskool arcade title, it's got that certain look and feel that just makes you want to play.

After a first demo was released in August, a second one was in September, proving the author's dedication, but this is still work-in-progress. The pictures below are taken from the game's website (see link below), and you can find demo videos on YouTube. The graphics are obviously appealing, and there's a nice rendition of the original arcade music playing along - but being an unfinished product everything is of course still subject to change.

Go to NeesoGame's Jackal web page for more details, and name-your-own-price download (currently demo release no. 2):

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1987 Rescate in Berlin / 1987 Rescue in Berlin

This kind-of-movie-spin-off point-and-click adventure game by Jose A. Gonzalez / Irongate was announced with a preview video early this year. 

In quite an obvious reference to John Carpenter, you direct this very Kurt Russel looking guy through various screens, examining objects and talking to people, on your quest to find some important floppy disk. 

With nice, detailed graphics, and sprites with big heads, "1987 Rescate..." (or "1987 Rescue in Berlin") features Jose's characteristic visual style, and you get to hear some really decent music, including a cover of Carpenter's "Escape from New York" theme, and everyone's favourite song, "Girl from Ipanema".

Since July the full versions in Spanish, English, Italian, and Czech is available as digital ADF, and boxed edition with printed manual.

Here's a video from Amiga Fan's YouTube channel (2021-08-12):

Go to the game's web page for more details and order:

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Jake and Peppy, Apollo (Vampire) V4 SAGA game

Maybe the first "true" next-generation Amiga game is "Jake and Peppy" - it exclusively requires a Apollo Vampire V4 SAGA board to run on.

It's basically a top view shoot-em-up - with an amount of on-screen colors and graphical detail unseen on the Amiga before, and a crisp 16-bit soundtrack. Apollo Core's 68080 with AMMX, and the Vampire's enhanced video and audio capabilities make it possible. This is not your 30 year old floppy disc game - this is shiny and new, super high-res, super smooth, eye-poppingly colorful, dizzying arcade action for those who are not afraid of FPGA.

Here's a video of "Jake and Peppy"'s latest features, from Quetzal's YouTube channel (2021-08-29):

You can download "Jake and Peppy" demo from AmiNet:

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Crazy Columns 1.02 full version released

We've reported about Tetris-style game "Crazy Columns" before, so we'll keep it short and snappy: a new version has been released!

Some of the new features are an online highscore table, animations, and added sound effects. And it's still 1 or 2 players, keyboard or joystick, multiple playing modes and difficulty levels, and runs on any Amiga with 512KB ChipRAM.

Here's a video from Salvatore Forenza's YouTube channel (2021-08-31):

Go to... download the game, and support the author with a little donation!

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...and some bonus gaming news:

Lionheart Java remake

Now this is really pretty cool: Byron 3D Games Studio has created a Lionheart remake - in Java!

Lionheart is among the best known and most beautiful games ever on the Amiga - maybe the most beautiful - and this remake gets it right: it looks pixel perfect identical. There are of course little differences here and there, but overall it's just... Lionheart. Nothing less, nothing more. Perfect.

If you're into game development (in Java) you can take a look at the LionEngine that's been created for the game remake:

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