AmigaAMP 3.30 is out!

Thomas Wenzel has release a new version of his audio player "AmigaAmp" with a decent set of bugfixes and new features. This is the list of changes, as published on AmigaAmp's website on Dec. 23rd:

Bug fixes:

  • Pulldown menus now work across all ReAction windows
  • If a datatype can't load the cover image from memory then AmigaAMP will write it to T: as a file and try to load it from there. 
  • Fixed radio station name taken from stream metadata in playlist.
  • Up to ten reconnect attempts when shoutcast server reports 'unavailable'.
  • Fixed handling ID3v2 tags in front of FLAC files.
  • Fixed loading / adding whole directories.
  • Fixed initial state of EQ/Playlist buttons in skin mode.
  • Automatically save current equalizer setting when saving prefs.
  • Reworked visualisation routines for better synchronicity.
  • Fixed SSL connections that require Server Name Indication.

New features:

  • Automatic fallback from MHI to AHI for uncompressed audio and tracker modules (68k version).
  • Multi-select playlist in ReAction mode.
  • Snapshot windows directly via pulldown menu entry.
  • Popup menu for "Add..." button in ReAction playlist window.
  • ARexx macro support. Macros must have .rexx extension and start with a line saying /* AmigaAMP ARexx Macro */
  • Automatic adding of .pls to saved playlist filename.
  • Now using octave-spaced equalizer band frequencies.

Thanks, Mr. Wenzel, and Merry Christmas, too!

Go to AmigaAmp's website to download your copy:

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