Games galore #37: Minky, None Of Us, Flying Shark, Super Delivery Boy, Chaos Arena

Platformers, arcade ports, shoot-em-ups - and a chaotic multiplayer game for up to six human players!


In October 2022, full version 1.0 of "Minky", a seriously cute looking platformer game, was released. By December 2022, version 1.4 was released, with a couple of bugfixes and enhancements, e.g. you can now select joystick-up or 2nd-button for jumping.

"Minky" plays a bit slower than for example "Mario Bros.", has some nice music, and most of all looks just gorgeous. Anyone who can resist Minky's big, slow blinking eyes, must be a totally heartless person. 

The game requires an Amiga 500 with 1MB or better, and can be purchased from as little as 1.99EUR (see link below).

Here's a video from YouTube channel Screen Shooters (2022-11-20):


Go to the game's website for more information and download:

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None Of Us

In Nov. 2022, developer team "Electric Black Sheep" released their proof-of-concept mini-game "None Of Us", which is a top-view scrolling shoot-em-up with a spectacular headlamp field-of-vision feature. So according to the developers it's not meant to be a full-featured game, but it's a highly attractive release nonetheless, reminiscent of "Alien Breed" and arcade shooters like "Commando". And it'll be interesting to see how Electric Black Sheep will refine their field-of-vision technique with the experience gained from this project, for a possible future "full" game.

Here's a video from Electric Black Sheep's YouTube channel (2022-11-21):

Go to the game's website for more information and download:

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Flying Shark (demo)

"Flying Shark" is a 1987 arcade shoot-em-up that was ported to the Amiga in 1988 by Firebird. Developer Magnus T has been working on a remake since about March 2022, and the latest development update video was released on his YouTube channel in May 2023.

The new Amiga "Flying Shark" is currently a 5-level demo that runs on Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM, and is unavailable for the public. But if you're really interested and do a little bit of research, you can find an earlier demo release. (Hint: Try "Additional Sources" below.)

Here's the latest "FlyingShark" video from Magnus T's YouTube channel (2023-05-23):

An updated, downloadable demo can surely be expected soon!

Additional sources: (1987 arcade game) (1988 Firebird Amiga port)


"Super Delivery Boy" by Neeso Games - a game about which we've reported before - got a special release for Christmas 2022, called "The Holiday Shift". 

Well, now it's summer, but "The Holiday Shift" is still a good looking, family-friendly platformer, just like its predecessor.

The game requires an Amiga with 1MB RAM.
Go to the game's page for more information and download:

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Chaos Arena a cute, chaotic, and somehow mean action game for up to six human players simultaneously, plus computer controlled enemies. The goal is to be the last (wo)man standing in a fight to push each other off the "arena" platform. All Player characters and NPCs look the same, the eponymous arena shrinks as you play, and if the opponent you try to push away steps aside, there's a good chance you might fall into the abyss yourself.

That certainly sounds like a ton of chaos, and an equal amount of fun! "Chaos Arena" was releases in Nov. 2022, and runs on Amiga computers with 1MB RAM and Kickstart 1.3 (and probably higher). Four human players can join the chaos on joysticks (via "four-player" parallelport adapter), and two on keyboard.

Here's a video from YouTube channel OSDane (2023-05-13):

Go to the game's page for more information and download:
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...and some bonus gaming news:

"Maria Renard's Revenge" final version

In February 2023 the final version of this fantastic looking adventure platformer was released. You can get it from the game's page (see link below) - and even name your own price! (If you like the game, make sure to support the author with a couple of dollars/euros.)

Here's a Video of the final version on DomKid's YouTube channel (2023-01-31):

Go to "Maria Renard's Revenge" homepage for more information, and download:

Additional sources:

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