August 2015

Netsurf 3.4 for Classic Amigas

Well, one of the very best browsers you can get for the Classic Amigas is NetSurf.

The good developer(s) over at AmiSoft have been slowly updating this great browser and have gotten us to version 3.4. The AGA-only version was released back in March of 2015, and there is a new version that does not require the cumbersome ixemul library file that was released near the end of June 2015.

I decided to test these and see how they compared to the ixemul-dependent 3.2 I’d been using. This is a quick glance test, not comprehensive.

More amazing Amiga projects

    HDMI output for all Amigas

The creativity of some of the Amiga users astounds me. Let’s take a look at this one. Remember the old A520 composite adapter that you would fit to the RGB 23 pin port and get a composite video output? Here’s a picture:

Well, someone has made a replacement board for the inside that outputs to 720p HDMI. Here’s a video of it in action:

Rock-Hard Platformer Sqrxz 3 Lands on the Amiga

If you like your side-scrolling platformers to be challenging then Sqrxz 3 will certainly test your skills to the very limits. It's unforgiving in a very oldskool kind of way. Here's the press release from one of the Sqrxz developers, phx;

Tales of Gorluth II - Pre-Order and Trailer

Yes, it's been yet another long break between blog posts. Unfortunately life gets in the way, meaning that recently I've had very little time to devote to playing games on my trusty Amigas. I've been keeping up-to-date on all things Amiga 30 related, but I'm now in the process of catching-up on what I've missed in the Amiga games world.

First-up, and announced towards the back-end of July, was the news that Tales of Gorluth II is not only under development, but is also available for pre-order.

FPGA Arcade is in da house!

Hi guys, it's certainly been a long time no see :(

Sadly except my heavy work and family obligations that kept me long time from my retr0sport and custom modding we (Greece as a country) had some crappy financial situation with capital control, banks closed etc (which most will know already) so we still can't buy many products overseas using PayPal or Credit cards. Not gonna spend more lines on that matter though...

My new i7-4790k Desktop build


I needed some more horsepower for my FPGA compiles, and because it’s been so long since my last PC build, I decided to take advantage of some free time I had, and build a new machine.

This machine is a quad-core i7 build with 32GB of DDR3 and (2) 240GB SSDs.