May 2017

Amiga Shell Hacks

Thomas Richter, big forum contributor, has a good thread over at about using the Amiga Shell.  His posts are sprinkled about the thread, surrounded by comments.

It’s always good to find out command line tricks and syntax, so I recommend it.  I learned a few things too.

–> link <–

Picasso96 sold to Hyperion and Individual Computers

What is probably the defacto RTG standard, Picasso96 (which I believe edged out CyberGraphX years ago because of WinUAE’s support of P96), has been sold by the owners to Hyperion (makers of OS4.x) and Individual Computers (makers of many Amiga Hardware products).

I’m guessing Hyperion wanted greater control of this RTG system.  CyberGraphX, the main competitor, was owned by some of the authors of MorphOS, and it is the default RTG system on the MorphOS system.

A Look At Jeff Minter’s Polybius

Jeff Minter AKA Yak is one of those guys that i just can’t get enough of, i have been a huge fan ever since his very strange Camel games back in the 80s, hell for all i know it might even be longer than that too as he made a lot of games before that too including the very memorable Hover Bover. Polybius is one of those games that once you start, you can’t stop. It is an vector based...


The XENA expansion article

The Newest North American Amiga hardwere dealer, Amiga By The Lake, has started a very interesting blog and their first article looks at the XENA programmable controller and user expansion port found on all AmigaOne x1000 and x5000 systems.

It can get pretty technical but is worth the read.

Check it out –> here <–

IBrowse Development continues

Well, anyone around in the late 90’s remembers that there were many web browsers coming out for the Amiga at the time. The big one I recall was IBrowse, and it was very Amiga-centric. For a long time, v2.4 was the last big one that I used. I mistakenly thought that it was abandoned, but I was wrong.

EZHomeX10 Amiga software released

Jim Hines, author of EZHome X10 for Amiga, has released it and is no longer actively supporting it.  For those that don’t know, X10 is a communication protocol for home automation that has been around for a couple of decades.  They communicate through the powerlines in a house or building.  Many devices have been built to use this protocol.  Long before ZigBee and ZWave wireless home automation protocols were invented, x10 was THE way to control lights, thermostats, alarms, sprinklers, etc in your home.  Since the 90’s we’ve seen many PC and Mac based x10 software packages.

AmiKit X

This week saw the release of the latest AmiKit X, a very fancy Classic Amiga prebuilt setup using WinUAE to create a ready to run rather awesome looking Amiga  experience on your modern PC or Mac system.

NetSurf 3.7 for Classic Amigas (RTG version)

So, there are two versions of Netsurf being actively working on right now.  One from Chris Young, who did the 3.6 version for OS4, and more recently, a version of 3.6 for classic Amigas.  However, there has been another version of Netsurf ported to Amiga, formerly known as 3.6 also, but now bumped to 3.7.  It appears to be RTG only at the moment.

Here it is streaming from YouTube on an Amiga 500 with the Vampire500 accelerator: