May 2017

How About A Video Of “Every” Amiga Game Released?

This is something i actually planned on creating myself, but a youtuber named Joshhny Asaski beat me to it. Imagine spending all this time at recording and playing every single game out there? , imagine all the bad games? , all the good ones? , it is an humongous task to say the least. The video here is an incredible 7 hours and 25 minutes long and supposedly got every Amiga game released in it, i...


Help! Microbotics / Paravision M1230XA accelerator board repair

I have an old Microbotics / Paravision M1230XA accelerator board, and it's not working properly. Can you help me debugging it?

For starters, a few screenshots would help: SetXA utility window / running, Early Startup Menu boards listing, "showconfig" output, SysInfo screen with speed test results (each of course with a working M1230XA installed).

I mostly test my board with Kickstart 3.0 - are you aware of any issues regarding KS3.0 and the M1230XA?
(apart from the fact that RAM has to be added "manually" / software-wise)

The Return Of WonderBoy/Girl – The Dragon Trap Remake

I’ve been joking a lot about the PS4 being the master of remakes lately and guess what, i actually meant it too albeit not in such a negative way as many would like to think it is. There’s been loads of good remakes and ports for the last couple of years and i welcome those like butter on bread, it is the bad ones and quick money grabs that i hate – oh and of course if...