AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup – February 2022

AmigaOS 4 News – February 2022 Welcome to the second edition of the AmigaOS 4 monthly news roundup! It is the last day of the month and once again it is time for a summary of what has been happening during the last month. New Hardware It is safe to say that the biggest and […]

New Aurora R12 Gaming PC

First and foremost, I must apologise for the long gap between my last blog post in December to now. I hope your 2022 is going well, and that you and your families are doing well.

I have been so busy with work commitments this year due to a promotion into a global role, and that has left little time for me to do justice to any significant blog entry.

Sam460LE 1.10 Ghz Pre-Order!

Hi everyone, ACube Systems have announced a pre-order for a brand new batch of Sam460 boards! The board is called Sam460LE and is a bit different from the previous ones, since it has extra space for a double-slot graphics card. This is important, since the graphics drivers from A-EON Technology are getting better and better. […]

AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup – January 2022

AmigaOS 4 News – January 2022 Welcome to the first edition of the brand new AmigaOS 4 monthly news roundup! Here you’ll find a summary of news concerning the platform for the month of January 2022. We can safely say that 2022 started off with a bang. The release of an updated port of Odyssey […]