Sony Vaio TX56c has arrived

 When I was working for a global company in the mid 2000's, I travelled a lot across the Asia Pacific region (APAC) and also globally as the APAC IT Manager. I was rarely at home - maybe 2 months in a year for 4-5 years.


I’ll start this review by going back, way back to the year 1995… The Amiga market was drying up and there was a trend of upcoming projects just vanishing from the lists in magazines, on newsgroups and so on which brings me to …  A game by Halibut, yup that was the original team name […]


Antstream Arcade is fun

Hi everyone, In the latest issue I received of Amiga Addict (not the newest one), I read about a Super Cars II tournament on a service called Anstream Arcade. Got a bit curious, so decided to download the client and give it a go. That is something I do not regret, because it turned out […]

Unboxing The Turbo Sprint Big Box

I did a game review of Turbo Sprint at launch (which scored a high 8 out of 10), a game I still play a lot even though I played it way too much before launch lol (tester). The box came a few weeks ago but today is the first day that I actually got a […]


Boing – A New French Amiga Magazine

Hi everyone,

While browsing today, I came across some news about a new Amiga magazine being made in France. It is called Boing and the first issue is now available for pre-order. Delivery is scheduled to the middle of July.