Apple from the Tree

I try to keep this post short. New update is available:

  • MacOSX Darwin PowerPC support is implemented.
  • Fixed address distance calculation for the PowerPC native relative branch instructions.
  • Refactored the boolean values to use TRUE/FALSE preprocessor defines.

Big thanks goes to Tobias Netzel, who implemented the MacOSX support for the JIT compiling and helped me chasing down one more sneaky bug.

Bug! *Splat*

Every developer knows the feeling when finally he/she finds a bug and slaps to the forehead while mumbling: "How on earth was this thing ever been working?..."

Well, it just happened to me, I have fixed a bug that stopped the ROM from booting. It was a rather stupid mistake (as usually); for the details check out the update.
In this other minor update I have fixed one more nuance with the wrong addresses in the dumped PowerPC code log.

The Guru has been taking in riddles again.

A few days ago I created a tool called NoYellow, it hack that is supposed to prevent the yellow guru mediation, from displaying, in the stone age when this guru meditations where created it was only Red Guru meditation, all crashes resulted back then in computer crash, in Workbench 2.0/AmigaOS2.0 or maybe later 3.0, the Yellow guru mediation was introduced, this was recoverable crash, well acutely many of the errors are not that critical as you might thing, many devices and libraries have there own error codes.

Optimize It

I am back from the holidays for sometime now, but I got swamped instantly by the work in my daytime job. I had very little energy on the project in the nights, which was spent on two things: chasing that #@!% bug which is killing me and implementing the data-flow optimization.

JamVM in the making

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 28 August 2012

I have actually received a few donations! I'd like to start by saying thank you, you know who you are!

After a much needed vacation on the French Riviera, I still have a few days off work, and I can put a wee bit more effort into JAmiga/JamVM.

Deluxe Paint

As an Amiga fan, many years ago I used Deluxe paint from Electronic Arts.

Today I still dream that one day, someone, somewhere will create Deluxe Paint for the Amiga.


After a long-long time we are going to go on holiday with my beloved wife.

While I am AFK (pick one) please just sit patient and try to find the bug that prevents the OS from booting, will ya?

Thanks. :)

See ya in August.

Byte off more than one can buffer

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 6 July 2012

This is more of a mental note to self. But it gives a small insight to what I'm battling with.

I've just traced in which way VMNetChannel allocates its ByteBuffer (ByteBuffers are used for pretty much anything handling data, not only network stuff, so its a pretty crucial thing to have).
Starting in VMNetChannel, we find a ByteBuffer.allocate(int capacity). It goes something like this:

Back to net stuff

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 4 July 2012

After my latest musings with JNI and JVM interfaces, I am finally back at implementing the network support. I have implemented it pretty like described in previous entry and also made the necessary classpath changes. Furthermore, the classpath implementation, java-net library, now fully depends on the various JVM_-functions exported by the main JAmiga engine, i.e. JVM_Socket, JVM_Bind and so on.